Our Story

Our expectations for 2014 were unknown.This was something completely new for us all and we were truly blown away with the response we received.So many people that attended said it was their favourite event of the year and that they could one day see us going toe - to - toe with some of the best festivals of the summer!Three thousand people got together in two huge big - top arenas and properly went for it– for 12 hours in a field in St Helens.The music ranged from house anthems and piano screamers to pumping dance and full - on scouse house(and everything in -between)– and both arenas were rammed from start to finish! The event ran like clockwork and received praise locally from both the police and residents for the good behaviour of all that came.We were all made up with response...but where could we go from here... ?


In 2015 we upped the game. We wanted to give everybody that came in 2014 something to get even more excited about! The site expanded and we added two more arenas, a fun fair, extra bars, extra seating and extra toilets. Once again you rammed it out: six thousand people having the time of their lives, across 4 glorious arenas! We had international DJs and live acts flying in from Holland, the USA, Belgium and Italy, and some of the UK’s finest pioneers of old skool dance music. Tall Paul & FPI Project took to the stage in the Reminisce arena and blew the roof off, the Klubbheads smashed the Ultimate Clubland arena to bits and Julie McKnight’s live performance in the Love House arena was the stuff of legend! Once again the local authorities praised the team for their hard work in making the event as successful and safe as possible. Reminisce truly was giving us, the seasoned clubber, something fantastic to look forward to around festival season.


This time we went bigger and better once more. With the addition of another enormous arena, 8000 of you came to join us in a field for more essential club classics and old skool memories. With five arenas of quality tunes plus all the additional fun to be had on site it was an amazing day and the show blew everyone's minds, including Black Box, Robin S, Reel 2 Reel and of course the guilty pleasure that is the Venga Boys who locked out the main stage by 3pm. The lengths we go to to give you the absolute ultimate trip down memory lane!


2017 was our best yet! We finally had permission to move the festival to a different bit of the park, which also allowed us to squeeze in a few more of you lot. We once again brought in the creme de la creme of old school acts: Snap!, Technotronic, Tall Paul, Judde Jules, Darren Styles, Matt Darey, Jeremy Healy, Signum, Warp Brothers... the list goes on.
The rain poured down all week but the clouds parted just in time for the start of the festival. We couldn't really ask for better festival weather :)
The feedback has been incredible and as always we couldn't do it without you. We're already gearing ourselves up for 2018!


Stepping up again, 2018 was our biggest year to date with almost 14,000 Reminisce ravers coming to play their part in what has been described as THE most incredible day of memories so far. There were so many amazing acts but a highlight for many was when the incredible Sybil flew in from the USA to perform ‘The love I lost’ in the Reminisce Arena and the whole place was singing. A very special moment! It was also a 1st time at Reminisce for Technotronic and The Outhere Brothers and they never let us down.

This is the year Cascada came and rocked the Clubland Arena, and we have to mention the fantastic ‘Love Inc’ who had the whole of Clubland with their arms in the air as she belted out ‘You're A Superstar’ .
A very, very special day.