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  When will I receive my ticket?
Tickets will be posted out a few weeks before the festival and could arrive up to a week before the event. If you have any concerns regarding your tickets, please contact the ticket agent you purchased your ticket from. (eg Ticket Quarter). If your ticket is an E-ticket, it should be available right away.
  What happens if the event is rescheduled?
We're confident that our festival will go ahead as planned, but in the unfortunate event of rescheduling, all affected ticket purchases will be rolled over to the new festival date.
  What should I do if I feel ill?
If you fall ill on the festival day, please approach the nearest steward, informing them of your symptoms. A qualified First Aider will then be called to attend to you and appropriate care will be provided. We will have a dedicated First Aid area and Isolation tent available.
  When is last entry?
Last entry into the festival is strictly 7pm.
  I have an issue with my ticket(s). Who do I contact?
Contact the provider you bought your ticket from, which will be Ticket Quarter if you bought directly from this website. For general ticket enquiries please speak to Ticket Quarter
Phone: 0344 800 0410
Email: reminisce@ticketquarter.co.uk
  What age do you need to be to attend Reminisce Festival?
Reminisce is strictly an 18s and over festival. We will be operating a strict Challenge 25 policy around the festival site. Challenge 25 is a policy whereby anyone buying alcohol who appears to be below the age of 25, seven years above the age required to buy alcohol in the UK, can be asked to provide an acceptable form of ID. Everyone attending the festival must bring photo ID, regardless of age. Accepted IDs are listed here
  Do I need to bring ID?
EVERYONE attending Reminisce Festival MUST bring a valid form of ID, regardless of how old you are. It is a condition of our event license that we must ask everyone in attendance to show their ID so that we have a record of those who are present, as agreed by St. Helen's council and police.
Accepted forms of ID are:-
  • An in date photographic driver's license or provisional licence,
  • A valid passport (not a photocopy).
  • A Proof of Age Standards Scheme Card (showing the PASS hologram) more information on the pass scheme website.
  • An in date Armed Forces Photo ID Card
  • A national photo identity card issued by country of origin (other than the United Kingdom)
  • A ValidateUK card
  • Citizen's Photo Id card
If you are worried about losing your ID at the event then there are secure lockers available that you can hire on site. Details are available on the website.
Please understand that EVERYONE attending Reminisce Festival MUST bring a form of photo ID.
You can get photo ID cards here.
  What if I don't have valid photo ID?
If you look over 25 years of age and you do not hold a valid form of photographic ID then an out of date Passport or Driving license (not a photocopy) may be accepted, as long as you are clearly recognisable in the picture. This is subject to the discretion of the Entry Manager on the day and we reserve the right to refuse admission. Bring the right attitude!
You can get photo ID cards here.
  I have been told to collect my tickets on the day?
Reminisce does have a box office to collect tickets but it's more of a last resort if you can't get an E-ticket or get the ticket mailed to you. DO NOT rely on WIFI connection. We do not have control over the phone networks and so we strongly advise that everyone download or print a copy of your ticket before arriving at the event, as strong reception cannot be guaranteed. Please get in touch with your ticket outlet if you have any questions (Ticket Quarter)
  Can I use a e-ticket or download it to my phone?
Yes. But if you cannot download your ticket on the event day, you cannot enter the festival site. Please avoid this at all costs by downloading your ticket prior to the event day.
  What happens if one of my deposit scheme payments declines?
If your payment is declined or you do not have enough funds in your account then you will need to contact Ticket Quarter to bring the account up to date. Your ticket will be held but will not be posted to you until you have paid the full amount. Please ensure you contact Ticket Quarter to advise of any changes to your card details to avoid this happening e.g. account closure or change of card number/expiry date. If you have any concerns at all about your deposit scheme, please contact Ticket Quarter directly for guidance. Ticket Quarter Phone: 0344 800 0410 Email: reminisce@ticketquarter.co.uk
  What do you get with a VIP ticket?

everything you get with a standard ticket, plus

  • Fast track entrance
  • Access to the exclusive VIP marquee
  • VIP-only toilet blocks
  • VIP-only bar
  • Seating Booths
  • Free phone charging (in seating booths)

  Can I upgrade to VIP on the day?
No, the VIP arena is very limited capacity and will sell out quickly. If you know you want to upgrade we suggest upgrading ASAP.
  What's the dress code?
  • Strictly No Tracksuits
  • No clothing which may cause offence, alarm or distress to others.
  • Jeans & trainers OK.
  • No football or sports team shirts
  • No novelty masks or masks that cover your eyes.
  Are there any Covid-19 restrictions?
As it stands, COVID-19 has no effect on the operation of, or attendance at, Reminisce Festival.
  Can I leave the festival site and then come back?
Reminisce does not allow re-entry once someone has left the site.
  It's my 18th birthday on the day of Reminisce. Can I attend?
We at Reminisce would love for you to spend your 18th birthday with us! Just bring a valid ID to prove you're 18 and you'll be good to go!
  Can I bring glass or mirrors?
NO GLASS is allowed at Reminisce. This includes perfume, foundation bottles, vape bottles, aftershave and mirrors. These are prohibited items and will be confiscated at the entrance. Please note there is no facility to leave your belongings and collect after the festival, so please double check before you arrive.
  Can I leave my stuff somewhere? Is there a cloakroom or lockers?
Yes. There is a cloakroom and lockers on site available on a first-come, first-served basis. Charges apply.
  Where can I charge my phone?
Reminisce offers on-site phone charging. Free power sockets are available for people who hold VIP tickets. Paid charging is available to everyone.
  Can I wear a mask at the festival?
Novelty masks and masks that cover your eyes are not allowed at Reminisce. They will be confiscated at the gate. Medical masks and masks protecting against spreading infection are OK.
  Can I bring a camping chair?
Yes you can, but we advise not to! As a condition of entry, anything you bring will be subject to a full search. Larger items will be taken aside for searching and may considerably slow down your entry into the festival.
  Can I bring a suitcase?
We advise small backpacks at best as all bags are searched and the bigger the bag the longer it will take to search.
  What CAN'T I bring to Reminisce?
  • Aerosols
  • Air Horns
  • Alcohol
  • Blowtorches
  • BBQ/Campfires
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Chinese Lanterns
  • Firearms, weapons or sharps
  • Fireworks / pyrotechnics
  • Flares / distress flares
  • Gas canisters / cylinders
  • Hammers / other tools
  • Illegal substances (drugs)
  • Laser pens / laser equipment
  • Full face masks and other face garments
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Professional Audio / Visual recording equipment
  • Projectiles
  • New psychoactive substances (NPS) previously legal highs
  • Smoke bombs / canisters
  • Sound system
  • Drone or other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Large Umbrellas (handbag size OK)
  • All persons, ticket holders as well as guests, press and media must be searched on entry
  • The promoter does not store prohibited items. Items left at the gates will be discarded. The promoter is not responsible for abandoned items
  • The event management reserve the right to refuse any item not detailed above that they deem inappropriate or dangerous to bring in to the event
  What if I need to bring medication?
If you need to bring special medication with you or you are concerned about a medical condition, then please bring a doctor's note or a prescription if the medication is not easily recognisable.
Please enter the event via the “accessible lane” where you can explain your situation to the staff who will assist you. Your items will be searched and checked for contraband.
You may also be issued a wristband with a medical symbol on it. We advise that if you feel uncomfortable at any time that you can report to the First Aid station on the site for assistance. The wristband will confirm that you have a registered medical condition and can allow our staff to support and reassure you more quickly.
  Where can I find more information about accessibility
We have more information available on this page
  How much alcohol can I bring?
Your own alcohol is NOT allowed into the festival site.
  What are the opening and closing times?
Reminisce is open 12pm - 11pm.
  What time is my favourite artist on stage?
We do not release the set times of individual artists in advance. We advise on arriving early to catch all the biggest acts!
  Who will be performing at Reminisce?
  Where is Reminisce Festival?
Reminisce will return to:
Sherdley Park,
St Helens,
  Is there parking at the festival?
On site, no, but there is a car park at the CO-OP distribution centre car park off Lea Green Road. Postcode: WA9 5AY / WA9 5AX. This car park has a substantial number of spaces available.
  Private Vehicle & Taxi Drop Off / Pick Up Points
Drop off & pick-up points for the event are different so pleased be prepared when planning your lifts and know where your pick-up point is!
Private vehicle and Taxi (under 8 seats) drop offs will be in the parking bays, on The Score Road inside the park, accessible only via the Elton Head Road access Point. Access will be denied at all other points.
The Pick up points Private vehicle and Taxi’s (under 8 seats) will be Sutton Leisure Centre car park from 7pm.
  Bus & Coach Drop Off / Pick Up Points
Buses and Coaches will use the bus lane on the North bound carriageway Marshalls cross road for both drop off and pick ups. Vehicles with over 8 seats will also be able to pick up in this area after 10pm.
  Shuttle Buses Home to Liverpool
Arriva Buses will also be running shuttle services to Liverpool Lime Street Station, with a drop off at Edge Lane included. These will start at 22:00 and run repeated journeys until 01:00. Head to Marshalls Cross Road to buy a ticket and enter the bus.
  Dedicated Taxi service
Britannia will be the only taxi company who will have their own designated drop off and pick-up point near the Reminisce festival site. Order your Britannia Taxi to get to the event and dropped in the park and close to the front entrance. This taxi point is in operation throughout the day. When you're leaving there is no need to call or use the app, just go to the designated pick-up point & they will take care of the rest! The area will be staffed and secure to make sure you get home quick & safe.
  Where is the nearest train station?
Lea Green Station is just a couple of minute's walk from the festival.
  Is there camping at Reminisce?
No. Reminisce is a one-day festival with no camping.
  Do you offer free tickets for carers of people with disabilities?
Yes. To apply for access, you must first purchase a standard Festival ticket. Then you can contact TicketQuarter for a Personal Assistant ticket (PA Ticket). Apply on this link, or contact TicketQuarter for help via Phone: 0344 800 0410 or Email: reminisce@ticketquarter.co.uk And they can help you apply for disabled access. If a customer is unable to attend the festival without the support from a PA then we will provide an additional PA Ticket at no extra cost. This must be applied for in advance via the Access Team at TicketQuarter.
  Do local residents get discount tickets?
Yes, local residents that live in the immediate vicinity of the park can apply for discount ticket. Please email info@reminiscefestival.com for more info. The deadline for applications is 31st July every year.
  Is there disabled access to toilets?
Yes. Disabled toilets are available on site.
  I have dietry requirements. Can I bring my own food?
Yes you can. If you need to bring special food/drink and/or medication with you or you are concerned about a medical condition, then please bring a doctor's note or a prescription if the medication is not easily recognisable. Please enter the event via the “accessible lane” where you can explain your situation to the staff who will assist you. Your items will be searched and checked for contraband. You may also be issued a wristband with a medical symbol on it. We advise that if you feel uncomfortable at any time that you can report to the First Aid station on the site for assistance. The wristband will confirm that you have a registered medical condition and can allow our staff to support and reassure you more quickly.
  Can I smoke at Reminsice?
The same regulations apply at Reminisce as in the rest of the country: you can smoke in the open air but not inside big tops and tents. look out for the ‘No Smoking' signs.
No smoking allowed in enclosed spaces, but what about vaping? The same rules apply. As long as you're not in an enclosed space, such as a tent, you are fine to vape.
One of Reminisce's strictest rules is its restriction of glass bottles and containers. No matter what's in the bottle, you cannot bring it in. Thus, your e-liquid will have to be in a plastic bottle.
There is a limit on the amount of e-liquid or batteries you can take: 2 refills and one spare set of batteries per vape and only for personal use. You should not attempt to sell or distribute your vaping products at Reminisce.
  Is there seating at the festival?
We have lots of areas on the festival site where you can sit - both in the park and under cover. They cannot be reserved and are freely available for everyone to use.
  I have an idea, not a question?
We would love to hear it! Email: info@reminiscefestival.com