Your data

We'd like to be clear about exactly what data we collect and how we use it.

Many people are concerned about the personal data that companies hold on them and how they're using it. Here at Reminisce we'd like to take a minute to explain what we do.

The EU's new Global Data Protection Regulation means that any company dealing with people's data in any way - even if they don't own the data and are just doing something with it for somebody else (such as storing it) - has to comply with some very strict rules and procedures.

So, to break it down...

  1. Web cookies

    Our website uses cookies. These cookies are there only so that we know if you've visited us before and we don't keep bugging you with reminders which you've previously closed. We don't use our own cookies to track you in any way outside of our own website.

    The website also contains some third party cookies:

    • Facebook Pixel - an embedded pixel which is used by Facebook to match up your Facebook account to websites that you visit. They use this so that they can show you adverts that you will (hopefully) like when you are on Facebook. It's on our site because it helps us show our own Facebook adverts to the right kind of people.
    • Google Analytics - The Google cookie is there so that Google analytics can keep track of how many people are visiting our website, and some other details about them. We can see some of this data to check out the website visitor numbers and types but we can't ever see any personally identifiable data.
    • Hotjar - we sometimes turn on the Hotjar cookie which is there to help us design our site better. Occasionally it chooses a visitor and keeps a record of how they are navigating around our website. It's useful to us to see if people are getting lost or confused on the website and to make sure the most important stuff is easy to find.

    With all third-party cookies, we do not gain any magical access to your personal data. All we can see are general trends and habits of visitors to our site. Needless to say, we can't vouch for what Facebook, Google or Hotjar might be doing.

  2. Who's got my data?

    Reminisce Festival is owned and operated by Reminisce Festival Life Ltd. This is the company that legally owns any information you give us. A company called In Demand Events Ltd deals with event management, logistics and data management on behalf of the festival.

    If you sign up to our mailing list or buy a ticket to the festival, In Demand Events collects and stores this data. We only hold the data you give us (ie we do not try and match you up with third party databases). We also do not share or sell the data we keep with anybody else.

    For those interested in the technicalities, In Demand Events Ltd store the data on encrypted databases hosted on AWS RDS servers. All of our sites operate using SSL to ensure that any information you enter is encrytped as it travels over the internet. The data travels directly from the signup form to the servers and does not go via any other data storage facility. Subsets of our data may exist at any given time on our AWS servers and occasionally on Dropbox's servers when our staff are working with it. AWS and Dropbox are both fully compliant with the GDPR.

  3. What do you do with my data?

    As mentioned, we don't sell or share you data with third parties. Reminisce Festival and In Demand Events use it in two ways:

    • Marketing - for example sending you updates about the festival via email. In Demand Events may also from time to time send you emails about other similar events that they run, but they never share your email with anybody else.
    • Demographic analysis - we look at our data to try and get a good idea of the kind of people who attend the festival. This helps us run the event better and hopefully make it better experience for you guys! For example, in 2017 we saw that almost 80% of tickets had been sold to females, so we upped the number of girls' toilets on the site by 25%.
  4. The right to be forgotton

    The so-called "right to be forgotton" means that if someone wishes to have a company remove all traces of any data they hold on the person, then the company should be able to comply. We will glady remove anyone from our database should they wish to be removed. If you use our unsubscribe option on the mailing list you will stop receiving emails from the festival, but you will remain on the database and may recieve other messages in the future regarding other similar events. If you want to be removed completely then please let us know by emailing

  5. Questions?

    If you have any more questions about Reminsice festival and our data policies, please email